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New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

Azure Security Tips for Demoware

You’ve read a blog post or Microsoft documentation on how to run your project in Azure.

You are about to publish your application to the public. STOP!

In this demo, we review Azure Security tips for a typical web application that uses IaaS, PaaS, and FaaS [serverless] resources.

#Audience Level - ALL
#Duration - 45 minutes


As technologists, we have to often move fast and learn fast to get our jobs done. We search out content that gets us started. We confirm the basic functionality and look to move on to the next item. While blogs and Microsoft documentation is great it is ultimately demoware. Demoware is not production ready! In this talk, we cover how to improve the security for common Azure resources.

I will review a typical demoware website application that uses Azure SQL. I will show the components and functionality of the solution.
Then I will secure the solution with an overview of the security recommendations.

#Azure RBAC

* How this impacts Azure Resource Group organization

#Security for IaaS

* Azure Virtual Machines
* VNET's
* Azure Storage

#Security for PaaS

* Azure SQL
* Azure Web Apps

#Security for FaaS

* Azure Functions
* Azure Logic Apps

Aaron Ralls

Sr. Application Architect

My name is Aaron Ralls, a cloud architect with 20 years of experience. I have a depth of experience with Microsoft tools and technologies. I like to focus on covering solutions to improve business process and emerging technologies.

I like to provide Right-sized solutions ™, which is a concept of focusing on resolving the business issue vs. the symptoms. Simple and affordable solutions are the goal.

I have a couple of beliefs that have helped me in my career. First, there is nothing that we can’t accomplish when we apply our positive energy. Second, I love teaching others what I have learned to help them succeed.

The quote I came across that best embodies my main driver in life is:

Success comes in cans, not cant’s ~ Joel Weldon

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