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New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

Moving on Up: Migrating to ASP.NET Core 3.0

Many applications still use classic ASP, Winforms, MVC 4 and companies are pilling up technical debt.

Why should you look to upgrade and How do you get out of this hole?

Join me to learn how you can move to .NET Core 3.0!

#Audience Level - ALL
#Duration - 45 minutes


In this talk we will review the challenges of technical debt and when you should do something about it. We will review changes in .NET Core in general and those specific to .NET Core 3.0. Then we will look at the .NET roadmap.

#Review Migration Strategies

After reviewing what is new and why you should migrate to .NET Core 3.0 we review migration strategies.

Convert from:

* classic ASP
* WinForms
* MVC 4
* .NET Core 2.x


We live code (or demo depending on time and technology constraints) conversions to .NET Core 3.0

Aaron Ralls

Sr. Application Architect

My name is Aaron Ralls, a cloud architect with 20 years of experience. I have a depth of experience with Microsoft tools and technologies. I like to focus on covering solutions to improve business process and emerging technologies.

I like to provide Right-sized solutions ™, which is a concept of focusing on resolving the business issue vs. the symptoms. Simple and affordable solutions are the goal.

I have a couple of beliefs that have helped me in my career. First, there is nothing that we can’t accomplish when we apply our positive energy. Second, I love teaching others what I have learned to help them succeed.

The quote I came across that best embodies my main driver in life is:

Success comes in cans, not cant’s ~ Joel Weldon

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