Aaron Ralls

Information & Communications Technology

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New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

Roll Your Own Tech Career

In your technical career, you will often find yourself searching for what to learn next.

In this session, I will show you a role-playing game strategy I use to help you plan a winning future!

Come learn how to successfully plan your tech career!

#Audience Level - ALL
#Duration - 45 minutes


Working in the Tech industry for over 20 years there is one thing that I have committed to, keep learning!

If you want to grow your career you have to grow your knowledge and push yourself.

The challenge we often face is what do I learn next?

What should I learn for my job now and the job I want in five years?

Building your professional skills is like building up a character in a Role-Playing Game!

Every RPG has unique roles that are able to improve their skills using talent trees. Your career is no different!

Start in any role and expand your skills and even change your role over time.

#RPG Roles & Talent Trees of Tech knowledge

The roles and talent trees I cover are universal to everyone in the technology industry.

We all start out in different roles and have different aspirations.

#Role Assessment

We identify what you already know and fill out your talent trees.

This is how you will see what your current role is and how far along you may be.

#Build Your Plan

Now that you know where you are we will walk through how to build out your learning plan!

Then you start to plan your future in a smart and efficient way that will maximize the knowledge you gain.

Aaron Ralls

Sr. Application Architect

My name is Aaron Ralls, a cloud architect with 20 years of experience. I have a depth of experience with Microsoft tools and technologies. I like to focus on covering solutions to improve business process and emerging technologies.

I like to provide Right-sized solutions ™, which is a concept of focusing on resolving the business issue vs. the symptoms. Simple and affordable solutions are the goal.

I have a couple of beliefs that have helped me in my career. First, there is nothing that we can’t accomplish when we apply our positive energy. Second, I love teaching others what I have learned to help them succeed.

The quote I came across that best embodies my main driver in life is:

Success comes in cans, not cant’s ~ Joel Weldon

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