Yarn Berry: a next generation package manager

The recently released Yarn Berry (aka Yarn 2) brings a host of great new features for JavaScript developers. The slick new CLI, more readable output, clear errors, and significant enhancements to workspaces make Yarn Berry a solid upgrade from the already impressive Yarn 1. But with an incredible feature called Plug-n-Play (PnP), Yarn Berry takes a massive leap ahead.

Have you ever thought "I really love dealing with this ginormous node_modules folder." No, and no one else has either! With Yarn Berry and PnP you can forever be free of node_modules. PnP dispenses with the node_modules folder entirely and creates an opportunity for perfect module resolution, faster startup, and instant package installs. Imagine cloning a node app and running it immediately, no lengthy install step required. With PnP and Yarn Berry, this dream is a reality.

Come away with an overview of all the new features and the knowledge you need to migrate your app to Yarn Berry.

Delivered at Code PaLOUsa, UtahJS, KCDC, NDC Oslo, and CodeMash

Target audience is any developers using packages in JavaScript.

Michael Richardson

Engineering Manager at Kroger Digital | Developer Community Organizer

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States

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