Adrin Amin Salehi

Information & Communications Technology

Building small and highly scalable REST APIs with .NET 6 and Azure Functions

REST is now around for more than 20 years. It's a critical architectural style in creating a standard communication format between computer systems. Nowadays, it is one of the most used foundations for modern web APIs. ASP.NET Core Web gives us an easy way to write clean and simple REST APIs in .NET. But what if we want to leverage serverless capabilities from the cloud? What if we're going to write a serverless REST API that is highly scalable and easy to deploy?

Here is where Azure Functions come into play. Azure Functions is a serverless offer from Microsoft Azure where you can easily create, build and deploy highly scalable serverless functions.

In this talk, I want to demonstrate how to build a REST API fast and easy with Azure Functions and .NET 6. What are the benefits, and might there be any drawbacks? Are there any stepping stones? And how we can leverage Azure Functions and .NET 6 to create awesome REST APIs.

Adrin Amin Salehi

Software Developer / IT Consultant at vi: sit - Vetter IT solutions Schweiz GmBH

Adrin is a software developer and IT consultant at vi: sit - Vetter IT solutions Schweiz GmbH. There he develops tailor-made software for customers in the industrial sector. His focus here is on .NET, Azure, software testing, and software quality. He has been programming with C # since school. As a tech enthusiast, Adrin also deals with cloud computing, IoT, and AI in addition to his work.

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