Adrin Amin Salehi

Information & Communications Technology

The story of building a Visual Studio Add-On, using DDD and CQRS.

We use DDD and CQRS in every new project.
This came as a no-brainer to us in the team, so we decided to rely on these technologies when developing our new applications.

I want to take you on a journey to experience the joys and perils of using DDD and CQRS in a project with many dependencies on other systems. How will this ubiquitous language help us?
How are we going to deal with the many dependencies?
Will we have to adopt the principles of DDD and CQRS to real-world conditions? Or will we have to throw it all overboard altogether?

I can say one thing already: We will be amazed at where the decisions on DDD and CQRS will lead us. We will have more systems than we expected at the beginning - some complex, some less complex. We will gain important insights that will help us plan future projects much better and avoid risks early on.

In this talk, we will have a look at the architecture of a Real-World project that consists of, among other things, a Visual Studio Add-On, which we tried to implement using the ideas and principles of DDD and CQRS.

Adrin Amin Salehi

Software Developer / IT Consultant at vi: sit - Vetter IT solutions Schweiz GmBH

Adrin is a software developer and IT consultant at vi: sit - Vetter IT solutions Schweiz GmbH. There he develops tailor-made software for customers in the industrial sector. His focus here is on .NET, Azure, software testing, and software quality. He has been programming with C # since school. As a tech enthusiast, Adrin also deals with cloud computing, IoT, and AI in addition to his work.

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