Instant GraphQL & .NET

In this talk I'll show off a simple .NET application that utilizes GraphQL. I'll start from the application, but we'll take a deep dive into the underpinning technology used from the ground up. The infrastructure in Azure, deployment via Terraform, and utilization of server tooling like Hasura and (Postgres/SQL Server, etc) to build out start or enterprise applications quickly, with easy scalability in mind, utilizing technologies that can significantly enhance the options around one's web development and related work.

People can even follow along during this talk on their own machines with a few basic tools preinstalled and an Azure account and CLI setup.

1. Azure account.
2. Azure CLI installed, setup, and logged in to your Azure Account.
3. Terraform installed and configured for use with the Azure CLI.
4. .NET installed and setup for use. to build web application.
5. Git installed so you can clone the repo to start with.

Adron Hall

Coder, Messenger, Builder, Recon.

Seattle, Washington, United States

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