Minimizing the GraphQL Ramp Up to Developer Proficiency

Just a couple of years ago I was thrown into GraphQL! With zero time to prepare I had to learn fast - while implementing - how to put together services and attach clients respectively. My workflow has been dictated by that brutal learning curve. I’d like to share these learnings with the audience!

In this talk I’ll show what I started with, building a few services that provided GraphQL end points for some major DBaaS (re: DataStax) backed with Cassandra through to my joining Hasura and working their tooling into my development workflow.

In this talk I’ll cover a short history of my GraphQL learning curve. Then I’ll delve into showing several different tools at a high level to make the ramp up and use of GraphQL easier for whatever one’s needs are. Then I’ll wrap up showing my current development workflow by building out a back end GraphQL API to serve up a data model for data consumers.

If you'd like to follow along hands on during this talk, you can, just make sure to have docker up and running, and an IDE of your choice to work with, and ideally install the Hasura CLI. That'll be all you need to work through what I'll build during this talk!

Adron Hall

Coder, Messenger, Builder, Recon.

Seattle, Washington, United States

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