Abel Adugam

Abel Adugam

Director of Products - Softdroom

Berlin, Germany


Abel Adugam is a dynamic Senior Product Manager and the visionary Founder behind Reelin AI.

With a rich blend of creativity, strategic thinking, and an unwavering commitment to innovation, Abel has dedicated his career to transforming ideas into impactful products that drive positive change.

In his role at Reelin AI, Abel leads cross-functional teams through every phase of product development, from ideation to launch. His expertise in AI and data-driven decision-making has been pivotal in shaping Reelin's product strategy, resulting in groundbreaking features that empower businesses to unlock their full potential.

Abel's journey is marked by a series of successful ventures, including the strategic pivot of Versuspay to an AI-driven data analysis startup and his influential tenure as Chief Technology Officer at AfriSplash Remotely.

His leadership extends to roles as a Technical Advisor and Product Innovation Officer, where he has consistently driven technological advancements and fostered a culture of continuous improvement.

Beyond his professional achievements, Abel is a sought-after global speaker, sharing insights on product management, AI, and innovation at prestigious conferences.

He is also a professional chess player, demonstrating his strategic prowess both on and off the board.

Area of Expertise

  • Business & Management
  • Information & Communications Technology


  • StartUp
  • Startup Technologies
  • Leading Remote Teams
  • Educational Technology
  • Modern Software Development
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Developer Technologies
  • Startups
  • Lean Startup
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  • Diverse Backgrounds Into Tech

The Future of AI in Product Management: Strategies for Innovation

In this session, Abel will explore the transformative impact of artificial intelligence on product management. Attendees will gain insights into integrating AI-driven solutions to enhance product innovation and streamline development processes. Abel will share practical strategies and real-world examples from his experience at Reelin AI, illustrating how AI can unlock new opportunities for product managers and drive business success. This talk is designed for product managers, tech enthusiasts, and business leaders eager to leverage AI for competitive advantage.

Agile Product Management: Navigating the Journey from Ideation to Launch

Join me in diving into the agile product management framework, guiding attendees through the crucial stages from ideation to product launch. Drawing on my extensive background in managing cross-functional teams and implementing agile methodologies, I will offer actionable advice on fostering collaboration, maintaining flexibility, and ensuring successful product delivery. This session will provide valuable insights for product managers, project leaders, and anyone involved in the product development lifecycle, highlighting best practices and common pitfalls to avoid.

Building a Startup from the Ground Up: Lessons in Innovation and Resilience

In this insightful session, Abel will draw from his experience in the startup ecosystem to share key lessons on building a successful startup. From ideation to scaling, Abel will discuss the essential components of creating a resilient startup, including team building, securing funding, and maintaining a strong company culture. Attendees will gain valuable strategies for navigating the challenges of the startup journey, making this session ideal for aspiring entrepreneurs and startup founders.

Chess Moves in Product Management: Strategy Lessons from the Board to the Boardroom

Product management is like a game of chess—strategic, dynamic, and always challenging. Drawing parallels from my dual roles as a Professional Chess Player and Senior Product Manager, I'll unravel the tactical maneuvers and strategic insights that drive successful product development. Learn how to anticipate market moves, pivot with precision, and lead your team through complex challenges. Whether you're a startup founder or seasoned PM, discover the open secrets to great products.

AI Alchemy: Turning Data into Gold for Startups

Join me in discovering the secrets of transforming raw data into valuable insights with "AI Alchemy. I will reveal how startups can harness the power of AI to turn data into actionable strategies that drive growth and innovation. This session will demystify complex AI concepts, showing how even the most data-averse can become digital alchemists. Join me for a magical journey into the heart of AI-driven product development, where data meets creativity.

Abel Adugam

Director of Products - Softdroom

Berlin, Germany


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