Using Azure Image Builder To Automate VM Builds

Are you preparing a virtual machine disk? Maybe it's for Citrix, Azure Virtual Desktop, a VM Scale Set or HPC? Or maybe it's some stateless app server that needs a regular update? Azure Image Builder takes Packer and makes it a part of the platform. You can turn the traditionally painful process of OS disk (including software and settings) preparation and turn it into an automated factory process, use Shared Image Gallery to share that disk in necessary regions, and build your VMs from the image. Updates are easy to integrate and you can just sit back and let Azure do all the work ... in the platform! Come to this session to learn how to prepare Azure Image Builder, use the tools, and get some real-world tricks to smooth out the learning curve.

Aidan Finn

Azure MVP, Innofactor Norway, Cloud Mechanix

Kildare, Ireland

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