5 Things Every BC Functional Consultant Should Know in AL

Are you a functional consultant who was able to make simple changes in NAV C/SIDE, but struggle to do the same in Visual Studio Code and AL? I am one of you and I have lived through this exact pain. In this workshop, you will learn the basics that AL boot camps and workshops targeted at developers do not teach you. You will learn how to download and set up your environment to create extensions, work with fields, tables, pages, add actions to the ribbon, create processing reports and how to avoid common mistakes. And you will also get some helpful theory on the basics before we start the exercises!

This session can be done in different length formats, as a workshop, a 90 minute session, or a 45 minute session.
I also have a sequel to this session. While it would be great to have both sessions accepted, each session is fully independent and the audience will get great value even if they just one of the two sessions in the series.

AJ Ansari

COO at DSWi, Microsoft MVP

Houston, Texas, United States


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