Demo to Win. What Do Prospects Really Want from you in a Presale Demo?

A common mistake that organizations make is tasking the consultant with the deepest product knowledge to perform demos for new prospective clients. Demonstrating knowledge of the product is only one part of the equation. How well you understand the prospect's business needs, the motivating factors driving the purchasing decision, understanding the audience in the room - these can be far more critical. Between 2008 and 2018, I have led hundreds of presale efforts and demonstrations for prospective clients across organizations of different sizes and focus, and both as a VAR and an ISV. I am trained in the ways of Bob Riefstahl's "Demonstrating to Win" philosophy and enlightened by Matt Dixon's "The Challenger Sale", and I have seen firsthand how the lessons from these have impacted our presale success rate. Join my session to learn how you too can improve your odds of winning by focusing on the things that matter most to your prospect.

AJ Ansari

COO at DSWi, Microsoft MVP

Houston, Texas, United States


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