How Efficient is Your Business Central Practice? And how do you even measure it?

As the old saying goes, "you can improve only what you can measure." Your team and company spends all of its time improving business processes and performance for your clients, but have you implemented any KPIs to measure your Business Central Practice's performance? Whether you are a small practice of 5 people or a large practice of 50, join my session to learn 5 effective ways to measure and track the health of your practice. Whether you are the practice leader of your BC team, or a business manager / owner, this will put you in a better position to make both tactical and strategic decisions regarding your team such as whether you are overstaffed or understaffed, do you need to increase your billing rate, how much more work your team can take on without adding headcount. There are just a few examples. You won't want to miss this session!

AJ Ansari

COO at DSWi, Microsoft MVP

Houston, Texas, United States

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