Part 2: The Next 5 Things Every BC Functional Consultant Should Know in AL

This is the long-awaited second part in my “AL for BC Functional Consultants” series. Are you a functional consultant who was able to make simple changes in NAV C/SIDE, but struggle to do the same in Visual Studio Code and AL? I am one of you and I have lived through this exact pain. My goal is to help you do more for your clients, and more importantly, help you do it the right way so that both your clients and your development team are happy. Join me to learn 5 more important things in AL - and as always, all code examples will be available for you through GitHub.

I have done the “5 Things Every BC Functional Consultant Should Know in AL” at previous Directions EMEA, Directions North America, Community Summit and DOK NORDIC conferences. This is the next session in that series and shows functional consultants how to do some more advanced things in AL.
While it would be great to have both sessions accepted, each session is fully independent and the audience will get great value even if they just one of the two sessions in the series.

AJ Ansari

COO at DSWi, Microsoft MVP

Houston, Texas, United States


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