Tackling Chaos, Resilence & Metrics in the heart of your Application

In a world made of distributed services, where communication among them is a fundamental part of our application's functioning, it is crucial to increase the resilience of our applications. Distributed systems are inherently more complex than monolithic ones. It's difficult to predict all the ways they might fail, just think about the "eight fallacies of distributed systems". Chaos Engineering is a practice that aims to help us improve our systems, teaching us new things about their functioning under pressure conditions. There are several tools that support us in this area, but finally, we have everything available directly in the .NET framework. Let's see how to leverage it.
In this workshop we will get our hands dirty creating an API we will go querying injecting Chaos in the system to see how to insert resilience in our applications

Alberto Acerbis

Passionate dev, author, learner

Brescia, Italy


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