Alex Meyer

D365FO Security Tools, Tips, and Tricks

In this session we’ll look at some tips and tricks of designing/configuring security in Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations and best practices for modifying and managing security.

Topics covered will include:
• Overview of current security model
• Impact of changing security via UI vs AOT
• Tools to help moving security between environments
• Tools to help test security changes
• How to determine object access and licenses for all users, roles, duties, and privileges
• How security and user licensing are connected
• Best practices for managing security

Alex Meyer

Director of Microsoft Software Development - Fastpath

My name is Alex Meyer and I currently work as the Director of Microsoft Cloud Software Development at Fastpath Inc. in Des Moines, Iowa located in the United States. My focus is being able to supply security, audit, and compliance reporting and tools to help customers with their audit requirements for all Microsoft cloud products.

I am a current Microsoft MVP in Business Applications and present sessions and webinars as a subject matter expert surrounding Dynamics AX/365FO security and native controls for both applications.

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