Alex Thissen

Getting your head around .NET Standard 2.1

The .NET Standard introduced a new way of creating highly portable .NET assemblies. The .NET Standard was mainly targeted at library developers. Now, .NET Standard 2.1 has much more impact on .NET developers of all platforms. And as it turns out, the .NET Standard is not trivial to understand. In this session you will learn what the .NET Standard is and how it is used to allow you to create cross-platform .NET applications. You are going to see how version 2.1 is a big step forwards for creating and migrating existing apps to new platforms such as .NET Core and the key differences with 2.0. You will get practical guidance to start migrating existing libraries and applications to .NET Standard 2.1, but also get to understand the internals. You are going to see how .NET Standard 2.1 works under the covers during build time and runtime, and how the standard is incorporated into the existing .NET platforms. At the end of the session, you've got your head around .NET Standard 2.1 and you are ready to use it in your .NET development with confidence and proper understanding.

Alex Thissen

Cloud buster

Alex is an application development enthusiast since the late nineties and works as an architect, lead developer and mentor at large enterprises and small companies. He spends his time teaching other developers the details of the Microsoft development platform and frameworks, and coaches architects to design and build modern distributed applications at cloud scale. He has received the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award for Visual Studio and Development Technologies 15 times. In his spare time Alex likes to participate in all kinds of sport, and loves playing and programming new and retro video games.

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