Alexander Benoit

Information & Communications Technology

A View From the Trenches: Running a SOC on Microsoft Solutions

Another exciting year with powerful security incidents lies behind us. It is probably fair to note that attackers have increasingly sophisticated ideas and the general threat situation is becoming more professional. In this technical session Alex will describe a few of the more impressive ways enterprise environments have been compromised. The session will try to show a good mix between advanced hacks and general security operations challenges.

Alexander Benoit


Alexander Benoit is the CEO of dinext pi-sec, an organization which stands for holistic and continues security. With deep insights into enterprise environments with up to hundreds of thousands of endpoints, he has a good global view for architectures with a focus on Microsoft. He is also MVP for Threat Protection, a Certified Ethical Hacker and Community Lead of “Trust in Tech” and the host of GeekSprech Podcast.

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