Alexander Benoit

Information & Communications Technology

AI and Machine Learning in Cyber Security - a beginner's guide

In the era of extremely large amount of data and cyber-security talent shortage, ML seems to be an only solution. But whats behind the buzzword? Which scenarios can machine learning aid in solving the most common tasks including regression, prediction, or classification?
This session is an introduction to give practical technical understanding of the current advances and future directions of ML research applied to cyber-security. Based on real world scenarios we will have a look into Microsoft solutions, will discuss how they behave and where they get their intelligence from.

Alexander Benoit


Alexander Benoit is the CEO of dinext pi-sec, an organization which stands for holistic and continues security. With deep insights into enterprise environments with up to hundreds of thousands of endpoints, he has a good global view for architectures with a focus on Microsoft. He is also MVP for Threat Protection, a Certified Ethical Hacker and Community Lead of “Trust in Tech” and the host of GeekSprech Podcast.

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