Alexander Benoit

Information & Communications Technology

Bringing IT and security together: How Microsoft is reinventing threat and vulnerability management

Through 2020, known vulnerabilities will play a role in more than 99.9% of attacks. Reducing the exposure to known vulnerabilities and misconfiguration, or stopping the threat before it happens, is the first and best defense against these attacks. Equally important is bringing together security and IT teams to empower them to be able to quickly and seamlessly remediate vulnerabilities. In this session, we will talk about Microsoft’s disruptive risk-driven threat & vulnerability management based on Microsoft Defender ATP signals. By leveraging the worldwide visibility of third party applications installed/running, embedded sensors, threat-intelligence, and endpoint protection technologies we will enable security teams to discover, prioritize and remediate known vulnerabilities and misconfiguration exploited by threat actors.

Alexander Benoit


Alexander Benoit is the CEO of dinext pi-sec, an organization which stands for holistic and continues security. With deep insights into enterprise environments with up to hundreds of thousands of endpoints, he has a good global view for architectures with a focus on Microsoft. He is also MVP for Threat Protection, a Certified Ethical Hacker and Community Lead of “Trust in Tech” and the host of GeekSprech Podcast.

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