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Larvik, Vestfold og Telemark, Norway

Awesome Actor Model with Proto.Actor

Many have heard about the Actor Model pattern but not that many use it in production. There're several reasons for that but the most important one is probably the size and complexity of the most popular Actor Model implementations in .NET world - Akka.NET and Microsoft Orleans.

Proto.Actor often gets unnoticed, although it is quite simple, very fast and easy to grasp. It is, of course, open-source and, what's important, there're several implementations of Proto.Actor, including .NET, Python and Go.

After using Proto.Actor in production at scale for more than a year, Alexey is ready to share his experience on building fast, scalable and reliable applications that can process billions of events per month.

Alexey Zimarev

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Alexey is CEO of Ubiquitous AS, Developer advocate for Event Store, Chief Architect in ABAX and the author of “Hands-on Domain-Driven Design with .NET Core” book.

His particular interests are in event-driven architectures, domain-driven design, distributed systems, and event-sourcing. Alexey contributes to open-source software as a member of MassTransit and Proto.Actor projects, and a maintainer of RestSharp. He manages the Domain-Driven Design Norway meetup group and speaks at technical conferences.

Follow Alexey on Twitter at @Zimareff.

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