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Larvik, Vestfold og Telemark, Norway

Hands-on Event Sourcing with C#

Event-sourcing remains a hot topic in the industry, it enables a lot of possibilities to build reactive microservices that scale and collect a lot of useful data. In particular, whilst DDD is convincing developers to make the behaviour a first-class citizen in their models, only event-sourcing actually allows us to persist the behaviour just as we used to persist the state of our systems.

However, many warn about technical complexity and challenges on this path. We keep reading stories of people who got excited with the pattern and then failed due to continuously increasing technical complexity, issues with the eventual consistency, decisions made by the business logic based on stale data, frustrated users that don't see their own updates, the list goes on. With the recent spike of interest, the lack of real-life success stories is apparent. Perhaps overly optimistically, we can claim that all those issues that are described in the majority of articles about the "dark side of the event sourcing", are solved problems and we are ready to share our experience with you.

During this session, you will learn how to work with event-sourced aggregates and use an event store, how to separate infrastructure concerns from your domain model, how to build projections and many other practical aspects. Stories from the field will be delivered as a bonus.

Alexey Zimarev

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Alexey is CEO of Ubiquitous AS, Developer advocate for Event Store, Chief Architect in ABAX and the author of “Hands-on Domain-Driven Design with .NET Core” book.

His particular interests are in event-driven architectures, domain-driven design, distributed systems, and event-sourcing. Alexey contributes to open-source software as a member of MassTransit and Proto.Actor projects, and a maintainer of RestSharp. He manages the Domain-Driven Design Norway meetup group and speaks at technical conferences.

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