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The Museum of You: Building Empathy

The present-day racial pandemic we are facing has once again uncovered the tragic reality of who we are at our core and what our systems were built on hundreds of years ago.

Systemic racism affects everyone. It limits our chances of reaching our full potential as human beings and has led us to civil disobedience and internal wars with ourselves and each other. We war with those who abuse their power and privilege, we war with failing to see ourselves as valued human beings, and we war with knowing that we are just as worthy, but we haven't been granted the space and opportunity to live in that worthiness.

Too often, many of our stories go unheard and many of our voices are silenced or fall upon deaf ears. As a people, we lack an ability and effort to care about others as much as we care about ourselves or our own. We are quick to judge our neighbors — oftentimes negatively and falsely and we fail to see each other. We lack empathy and are unable to make progress in our relationships, businesses, communities, and personal lives.

The Museum of You: Building Empathy is about taking the time to see, hear, and understand the next person. This session focuses on how I use Webflow as a tool to build a platform that shares stories, unites community, and helps people uncover their value. We'll delve into the idea that empathy can empower. This session also touches on personal growth of individuals, the collective growth of building authentic communities, and the professional growth of a small business idea with a big impact.

Alexis Russell

Inspiring Experiences, LLC — Founder & CEO

Alexis Russell is a passionate story enthusiast, mother, artist, and writer who authentically leads with her words. She gained extensive experience in storytelling, writing, and leading with empathy from her 6+ years working with more than 30 local, national, and global nonprofit organizations and causes.

Today, she is the Founder and CEO of Inspiring Experiences, LLC — a company focused on helping people to elevate their voices, uncover their most authentic stories, and value themselves. From a background in marketing to her experience in public relations to her passion for teaching individuals — nationally and internationally — how to best capture, focus, and share their stories, Alexis builds empathy and creates genuine connections with her community and beyond.

Believing that the ultimate keys to life are authenticity, connection, and valuing yourself and others, Alexis creates meaningful and thought-provoking experiences, fosters human connection, and positively inspires our community and the world around us.

Alexis holds a Women in Entrepreneurship Certificate from Cornell University, studied sociology, anthropology, and psychology at the Rochester Institute of Technology for 4 years, and has served as a national and global conference speaker and panelist.

When she is not cranking out amazing words of inspiration, she is enjoying time with her family and hearing others tell their stories.

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