Listen up! Mastering A/B testing and feedback techniques in your mobile apps

In the world of mobile app development, truly understanding and catering to your users' needs can be the difference between an app that thrives and one that just survives. In this talk, we'll focus on how to effectively gather and use feedback from users within Flutter apps, turning it from an overlooked aspect to a core part of your development process.

We'll start by exploring a variety of ways to ask for feedback. We'll look at gentle, almost unnoticed prompts within the app, as well as more straightforward methods.

But gathering feedback is just the beginning. Next, we'll take a deep dive into A/B testing. This is a powerful tool that can help you understand what your users prefer and how they behave. I will show you how to set up effective tests, interpret the results, and use this information to make decisions about your app.

By the end of this talk, you'll have a better understanding of how to listen to your users and use their feedback to improve your app. You'll learn how to build Flutter apps that are shaped by your users' needs and wants, rather than just your initial ideas. This user-focused approach will help you create apps that your users love and keep coming back to. So, let's start listening to our users and making apps that truly meet their needs!

Alicja Ogonowska

Senior Mobile Engineer at OLX Group

Gliwice, Poland


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