Rolling in the deep(link) - take a deep dive into Flutter navigation

Deep linking is an essential feature in mobile apps that allows users to access specific pages or sections of an app from an external source like a link or notification.

In this talk, I will cover everything you need to know about handling deep links in Flutter mobile apps.

We'll start by exploring an independent solution for handling deep links in Flutter, followed by discussing third-party solutions that offer additional features such as dynamic link generation and deferred deep links. We'll also examine the benefits and limitations of using these solutions and how to implement them in a Flutter app.

Throughout the talk, we'll discuss common issues and solutions when handling deep links in Flutter apps.

Attendees will leave with a comprehensive understanding of deep linking in Flutter and the knowledge to implement deep linking solutions in their mobile apps.

Alicja Ogonowska

Senior Mobile Engineer at OLX Group

Gliwice, Poland


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