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Information & Communications Technology

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Bern, Switzerland

Identity Governance - A valid and secured Identity is gold!

A valid and secured Identity is gold!
Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) identity governance enable organizations to efficiently manage group memberships, manage access to enterprise applications and define role assignments. User's access can be reviewed on a regular basis to make sure only the right people have continued access. Identity governance helps you out in following cases:

- Manage your users with privileged roles
- Manage group access
- Using Just In Time access (JTA)
- Provide business critical data access
- Have reviews recur periodically

And more.
This session will help you to understand how access reviews and identity governance can help you with the this challenges.

Protect and review your access rights, permissions and guest users in Azure AD. An easy task? Yes, use Identity Governance!

Alain Schneiter

Solutions Architect | Partner @ make it noble

Alain (Al) Schneiter is one of the ‘make it noble’ partners, supporting clients and partners in training, concepts, designs and implementations around Microsoft 365. He supports communities with his Microsoft 365 know-how. Alain helps customers using the right architecture for deploying Windows and Apps and transform their current device management to the Azure Cloud. Alain is focused on Microsoft Technologies, especially on Microsoft Azure AD, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Enterprise & Security Suite (EM&S), Windows 10 and System Center.

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