Alain Schneiter

Information & Communications Technology

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Bern, Switzerland

The 5 fitness recipes for your Microsoft 365 environment - spin them up over lunch

In this session I show you how you can optimize the fitness of your Microsoft 365 environment with a few steps. We tune into the Microsoft 365 Secure Score and I show you how to get more out of there. Optimize Microsoft Defender Advanced Treat Protection (ATP) or your mail traffic by using Office 365 Threat Intelligence incl. ATP Safe Links, Safe Attachments and Anti-phishing. After this session, you will like to go back to your environment and setting these things up!

Alain Schneiter

Solutions Architect | Partner @ make it noble

Alain (Al) Schneiter is one of the ‘make it noble’ partners, supporting clients and partners in training, concepts, designs and implementations around Microsoft 365. He supports communities with his Microsoft 365 know-how. Alain helps customers using the right architecture for deploying Windows and Apps and transform their current device management to the Azure Cloud. Alain is focused on Microsoft Technologies, especially on Microsoft Azure AD, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Enterprise & Security Suite (EM&S), Windows 10 and System Center.

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