Bringing Web 3 to research space

The market research industry is highly fragmented and isolated. Often it is run by sponsored mega corporations which isolate the research.
This talk is about building a research platform which is democratized and decentralized where everyone can bring expertise no matter what their team size and start producing authentic research.
NFR ( Non Fungible Research) -
Using NFT as means of ownership to authors of research content and get their fair share when the research is distributed, quoted, and consumed over the ecosystem. We could also use NFT as a means of authentication for consumers to be 100% sure about authenticity and originality of content, acting as a means of liaising.

Research DAO -
Using DAO as a means to distribute work ( Work DAO ), Governance, Verification and authenticity enabling true democratization.
Platform could enables experts to create content and do demand driven distribution for highly personalized consumption using an integrated Research DAO. This could empower creator economy to Independent researchers as well.

Aman Sharma


Singapore, Singapore

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