No more tears 😢from project nighmares

Why this talk?
So everyone has at least once faced this situation. It's almost the deadline day ( already extended too many times 😂). You sit down with your team to check off the deliverables and how things are working out. But guess what -

" Things look far from deployable ! "

The codes look crappy, there is no organization of libraries, you would probably need to spend class time with the guy who coded it and other many mindboggling issues that would lead you to go refresh your basics. But the question is -

What lead to this situation?

Poor planning
Thought clarity
Tools are used by fools?
Premature optimization or no optimization at all
and many more . . .
So this is project management 101, right?

Actually, No. This is not a skill learning class that anyone can do online. This is the real world storytelling of how Python projects should be done. Coming straight from many production applications currently being used by over a million people that I worked on. ( No Joke ).

What to expect?
We will be touching essentials of everything (tools, soft skills, hardware, software, code ... ) you need to know to efficiently run your next project and increase your team/ self productivity by at least 30%.

🔭 Planning a project
Talking in pictures ( How to wireframe, flowchart and lay down the working mechanism)
Teaming up ( Task distributions, Tracking)
Predicting resources
Setting deliverables and milestones
🖥 Setting up the best environment
Team communications
Gitting it up
Productive working space
Apps, tools, Ide's
Extensively use Notebooks
🚀 Optimizing your project
Project organization
Requirements are required
Making code faster with multiprocessing
Checking redundant code
📦 The final delivery
How to do that?
Why hear from me?
I am not forced to give this talk, I was obliged. As mentioned I have worked on many production-grade projects with highly professional people. The last project I was leading was a nightmare and made me cry. It was already delayed by a month so I had to step in to finish 2 months' work, within a weekend. This made me realize many common practices that we could follow to make sure projects run smoothly. This inspired me to first learn the best of the best things and bring it to you.

Trust me you won't be bored 😉.

Aman Sharma


Singapore, Singapore

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