Security and UX, hand in Hand

When it comes to security nothing is more important than that, even knowing that it could cause serious damage to user experience. Hence a new approach needs to be developed that brings user experience to a security advantage.

Through this talk, we will cover the following things -
1. Security/ Authentication landscape
2. Problem at a glance
3. UX intro
4. How better UX makes the application more secure
5. Solution to the problem
6. Technical ways
7. Hands-on

After attending this talk audience will be taking back some great learnings and apply them in their own projects and increase significant ROI.

Afterall a usable app is a safe app.

Most often in projects security and user experience are seen as 2 different things. See how can we break this notion and bring them together.

Aman Sharma

Cofounder & CTO Dinnerfy, DevOps Ambassador

Miami, Florida, United States

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