The Quest for better React : Next.js

The idea is to mix a common developer issue that is SEO challenge of react and how did Next solved many of them. But with a twist of presenting it as a tale for everyone to enjoy and remember forever. Following is a high level agenda of the talk -

1. Sweet sweet development with react library
2. Facing SEO Deamon and hunting for various solutions
3. Enters the Saviour the Next.js framework
4. How does it do what he do ?
5. The great migration from React to Next
6. How Next would face challenges of time
7. A happy ending
So as you might already imagine that this interesting format would keep the audience engaged and help the remember key things in a tale fashion. Audience would be able to have the following takeaways -

1. When to use Next.js
2. Key differences between Next and React
3. How has Next evolved and where would it be heading
4. How to use Next in your projects whether from scratch or migrating from React
5. What other solutions are available for better SEO

Aman Sharma


Singapore, Singapore

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