Community Summit

Join us on Tuesday, April 26 at DrupalCon Portland for a half-day unconference dedicated to exploring the issues that matter most to the Drupal community. What’s an unconference, you ask? It is a loosely structured conference that emphasizes sharing information instead of following a conventionally structured schedule. Together we will select topics that matter most to attendees and have collaborative discussions throughout the day.

There is a lot more information about unconferences online:

But please feel free to contact us if you have questions. Here are some great tips on how to prepare to attend an unconference:

Who should attend?
You! Are you part of a Drupal community or want to start one in your city? This summit is meant to be a meeting place for all Drupalistas interested in the community. Whether you need help maintaining a long-standing camp or User Group, you’re new to the community and want to know where you can get involved, or you want to share a success story from your community, everyone is welcome.

What gets discussed?
You decide! Topics at past events have included:
● Contributing to the community
● Organizing events
● Improving diversity
● Growing local communities
● How to prevent burnout
● How do we foster and grow mentorship programs

But it all gets decided on the day, by whoever is in the room.

The community summit isn’t all about talk, it’s about action as well. Networking is a powerful force for collaboration.

Community summit success stories
Several initiatives have started as a conversation at past community summits:
● The Event Organizer Working Group
● Speaker Diversity workshops
● Internship programs

Please RSVP and let us know what you’d like to discuss!

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