Getting started with Drupal


This training is for people who want to get a solid foundation in Drupal site building. No Drupal experience is required!

With hands-on, guided exercises from start to finish, attendees will have the opportunity to get comfortable with Drupal's administration interface, and build a simple, fully functional website.

You will learn how different concepts relate to each other: nodes, content types, fields, views, users, blocks, taxonomy terms, and menus. By the end of the training, you will be able to identify the different building blocks of a Drupal site and know where to look when modifications are needed.

Learning objectives:
-Step through the Drupal installation process
-Create nodes and understand their properties
-Create content types and add fields
-Configure fields of different types
-Create taxonomy vocabularies and terms
-Create views to display listings of content
-Create, place, and control the visibility of blocks

Setup instructions:
A working Drupal 9 installation is needed to follow the exercises. Online services like can be used. You can have a local installation using the Drupal quick-start command: Alternatively, you can use a tool like DDEV, Lando, Docksal, or DrupalVM.

AmyJune Hineline

Certificate Community Architect, Linux Foundation

San Francisco, California, United States

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