Technical Writing Workshop

The fear of public speaking is among America's biggest phobias. It tops the list over spiders and even death! Yet, in the tech world, there is a tremendous push to share knowledge at conferences through presentations. Giving a presentation is not the only way to share information. Publishing an article on the internet has an even broader reach.

This workshop helps speakers and writers prepare to write articles about their open source projects and passions for technical publications.

The workshop allows folks to bust through their impostor syndrome and develop a topic, title, pitch, bio, and outline.

The workshop covers:
- Impostor syndrome
- Finding a topic
- Writing a great pitch
- Creating an outline
- Creating a great article

This workshop is an excellent fit for you if you’ve ever felt uncomfortable about writing or wanted to write but found yourself thinking:
- “What would I write about?”
- “I’m not an expert in anything.”
- "I can't narrow down a topic"

AmyJune Hineline

Certificate Community Architect, Linux Foundation

San Francisco, California, United States

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