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Split, Split-Dalmatia, Croatia

Contemporary Agile Product Development

The choice of strategies to manage your product development in today's fast pacing world is pretty straightforward. If your goal is to get to the market as soon as possible and continue building a product your customers need and want, then you need to embark on the road of agility.

Join us in this session if you want to learn about the end-to-end approach to building products in an agile way, built on top of DevOps practices and tools. We will be talking about ways of organizing and managing work, planning for achieving both short and long term product goals, keeping quality under control, automating your build/test/deploy pipelines, monitoring your production environments and learning from customer feedback. On top of this, we will be introducing multiple metrics that you might like to track in order to make your process more predictable, be able to make informed decisions and pivot your development efforts in the direction that will bring the most value to your customers.

We hope that you will walk out of this session realizing that the most challenging part is to start changing your mindsets and organizational culture. Everything else has already been proven to work.

Ana Roje Ivančić

DevOps consultant, Microsoft MVP and Professional Scrum Trainer

Ana is a DevOps Consultant and Azure DevOps specialist (ex VSTS/TFS) with 20 years of experience in the field of professional software development. She believes that the right combination of agile practices and integrated tools can help software development teams achieve continuous value delivery for their customers.
Ana frequently speaks at various local and international industry conferences and regularly delivers training workshops. She has been awarded by Microsoft as MVP for Developer Technologies, she is a licensed Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) at, and additionally holds a number of Microsoft development and Scrum certifications.

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