Anđela Todorović

Information & Communications Technology

Machine Learning and AI Software Engineering

Niš, Central Serbia, Serbia

The usage of Artificial Intelligence in leveraging SMEs

Machine learning and deep learning use-cases are not restricted to large enterprises now. They are an exceptional way to achieve tremendous growth for SMEs as well, by allowing small businesses to effectively transfer conventional tasks to an innovative, yet fast approach.
Data generated in SMEs, especially time-series data, is very rich in information that can provide valuable insights on the current and future health of the production systems and the products they create. 
However, it is strongly recommended for small businesses to strategize properly when starting integrating AI if they want to reach potential consumers in the future.
By choosing an inadequate approach, much of the gathered data goes underutilized as traditional methods have limitations to effectively leverage multivariate trends and uncover new insights for improving operations.
This speech will consult good strategies for developing proper business models, as far as discuss the process of integrating machine learning as a tool in an existing product.

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