Cloud tales: real world CQRS/Event Sourcing

CQRS and Event Sourcing (or, more in general, applications using events as their basic information block) are by no means new kids on the block, yet a lot can be told about how to use cloud platforms to unleash their power without having costs soaring.
The ingredients list is quite simple: an event store, an event dispatcher, read model(s) and computing options to run back-end services. Picking up technologies in a cost savvy way, though, isn’t trivial due to the amount of viable options: should we go PaaS (e.g.: CosmosDB/DynamoDB, AppService, ASB/SQS) or IaaS? CosmosDB/DynamoDB or Mongo? Where do containers fit in this context?
Eager to know our recipe (and look at real code)? Don’t miss this talk then.

Andrea Saltarello

CTO @ Managed Designs, Microsoft Regional Director, Chuck addict, Depeche Mode überfan

Milan, Italy

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