Implementing chatbots and Alexa skills using Azure Cognitive Services

Thanks to the recently released v4 of the Bot Framework SDK, creating your first bot is a breeze; still, implementing a production viable one is no easy task since several aspects must be taken into account such as user authentication, integration within existing apps, multi language support, technical considerations (e.g.: Azure Functions vs. Web Apps, Blob Storage vs. CosmosDB) and, last but not least, operational costs.
Moreover, you might want to reuse your bot’s Azure hosted, Cognitive Services-backed code to address Amazon’s Alexa users to avoid the need to implement (and evolve) it twice.
Eager to learn how to do that for real? Don’t miss this code-based talk then.

Andrea Saltarello

CTO @ Managed Designs, Microsoft Regional Director, Chuck addict, Depeche Mode überfan

Milan, Italy

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