Technology as a means for inclusion

The son of a deaf person, I've soon become well-aware of how disabilities make for a harder living.
My father had all his auditory bones (hammer, anvil and stirrup) surgically removed because of acute otitis, yet he could hear sounds by means of bone conduction glasses. This was in the late ‘70s and despite being bulky and awkward, those glasses were pure magic in the eyes of a child. Technology-based magic.

Forty years on, I’m amazed by the technology we have and how effective it might be when it comes to tackling these issues: bots, for example, make software accessible to people who simply can’t “just” point’n’click. Furthermore, Azure Cognitive Services are key to addressing a variety of impairments.

Even if your ethics didn’t kick in, this is a market you don’t want to turn a blind eye (pun intended) to in this day and age, so let’s have a conversation (and a few code-based demos) about it.

Andrea Saltarello

CTO @ Managed Designs, Microsoft Regional Director, Chuck addict, Depeche Mode überfan

Milan, Italy

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