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7 Worst Power BI Dashboard Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Even with outstanding business intelligence tools such as MS Power BI, your dashboards can fail. Eek! Your end-users simply lose interest and do not check the dashboards anymore. This happens for many reasons. Mostly due to wrong chart types and similar data visualization issues, but also confusing page layouts, lack of comparisons, poor information density, counter-intuitive interaction design, etc.

Join our session to learn how to avoid the Top 7 typical Power BI dashboard mistakes and make sure you deliver reports and dashboards that are understandable and actionable!

Andrej Lapajne

Ultimate dataviz geek

Andrej is the CEO & founder of Zebra BI, a Microsoft MVP and a founding member of the IBCS Association. In the last 5 years, Andrej has led the Zebra BI team in developing the visuals for Power BI as well as the popular Zebra BI Excel Add-In (

As a speaker, Andrej has lectured at McKinsey&Co. in NYC, the AFP Annual Conference in Denver, DataSummit in Dublin, IBCS annual conferences (Amsterdam, Warsaw, London), a ton of Power BI user groups & meetups, controlling conferences, and at many other international conferences and events.

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