Learn Authentication The Hard Way

If you work with software systems, security is one of your primary concerns. User security is not Someone Else’s Problem. The prevailing advice for building secure systems is to not roll your own security mechanisms.

These two statements are in conflict - should we be responsible for ensuring our systems are secure, or should we delegate security concerns to experts?

In this talk we will dive into the specifications that underpin modern authentication solutions - In particular OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0. We might also take a sneaky peak at OAuth 2.1!

We won't just read them though - we are doing this the hard way, and will have a go at implementing them!

This talk will build your familiarity with several security specifications, your comfort level of diving into and wrangling them, and allow you to take accountability when selecting and implementing security solutions.

Andrew Best

Senior Principal Consultant at Octopus Deploy


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