Business Outcomes from AI

Andy Cross, Director of Elastacloud, Microsoft Regional Director, Azure MVP and all round good guy, gives a session on how to successfully build or transform a business using AI technologies.

Over the last years, Elastacloud have delivered analytics projects to a variety of customers. The greatest challenges around AI are both technical and organisational. The existing landscape of process and strategy doesn't solve these challenges in combination, and the gap between causes friction and the failure of AI projects.

When modelling the outcome of actions that were informed by AI, possibly enacted by AI, the standard risk modelling approaches need to be transformed to include a factor that can change over time to represent the effectiveness of the AI solutions. Given that we should accept errors as part of the AI solution, and that errors are reinforcing of better future decisions, we need to project risk as a decreasing vector over time.

Andy Cross

Elastacloud Director, Microsoft Regional Director, Azure MVP, AI Entrepreneur


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