Andy Cross

Over the Edge; Migration, Optimization and Intelligence for IoT devices with Microsoft Azure

What does a mature IoT Solution look like? Is it enough to just connect up to the cloud and go? What about my devices that can't speak Cloudy? How do I understand and control what this costs me? What about the promised AI that lives in the Cloud??

In this session, Andy introduces and explores the role of Edge devices in a modern IoT architecture and can be made intelligent.

There will be demos using Azure IoT tools, code, Cloud resources and simulated IoT Edge devices.

Preferred duration 60 minutes

Andy Cross

Elastacloud Director, Microsoft Regional Director, Azure MVP, AI Entrepreneur

Andy Cross is a co-founder of Elastacloud. An international speaker, Andy has lead teams building the largest AI projects and deployments, hosted on Azure. His passion for embedded software and high performance compute clusters gives him a unique insight into a sphere of computation from the very small and resource constrained to the massively scalable, limitless potential of the cloud. He is an Azure Insider, co-founder of the UK London Azure User Group, an Azure Most Valuable Professional and a Microsoft Regional Director. You can tweet Andy at @andyelastacloud

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