Andy Levy

Information & Communications Technology

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Rochester, New York, United States

The Social Network in SQL Server

You’ve been told for years that it’s important to have a professional network. The community that has grown around SQL Server is one of the strongest and most supportive networks around for technical professionals. We’re more than acquaintances who see each other at meetups – we’re SQLFamily. This introduction to SQLFamily will help you learn where to find folks, how to get involved, and how it can positively change your life and career.

Approx. runtime 30 minutes

Andy Levy

Database Administrator, dbatools fanatic, and transportation for @SqlHat

Andy is a database administrator, PowerShell fan, former developer, Open Source contributor, SQL Saturday organizer and user group leader. He’s worn a number of IT hats since 1999 before landing in database administration, including web server administration and development, systems integration, and database development. When he isn’t picking queries apart and wrangling an unruly herd of databases, he can be found helping out with his son’s Boy Scout troop, making BBQ ribs for his daughter, or planning the next family vacation with his wife.

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