Guardians of the Lead Galaxy: Building your own Lead Management Solution to Weed out Tire Kickers

We've all zipped through the galaxy, right? You meet that dream client who seems so put-together – "It's as simple as a Groot's vocabulary", "I'm as organized as a Collector's gallery", "Price? Pfft, I know exactly what I'm scavenging for".

You think it's gonna be a quick 30-minute space call, they send the deposit, and then..."Just a few teeny-tiny questions", "Why can't I just email you the docs?", "Whoa, I didn't pay this much last time", "Can you help me design it?" Could've dodged that asteroid field but you were all like “Building my own prospect pipeline? Ain't nobody got time for that", "Don't wanna fork out units for some fancy license", "How tough can it be?", "I just need some clients right now".

Here's the supernova of good news – crafting a prospect pipeline can be hassle-free. We'll guide you, step-by-step, on how to build one using Power Pages to collect enquiries, Power Apps to rank leads, and Power Automate to keep comms flowing. Perfect for freelancers and small businesses wanting a slice of the Dynamics 365 pie without the higher price tag.

Join a duo of Microsoft MVPs (Most Valuable Pilots, obviously) as we construct a pipeline in real-time with special customization tips. Remember, it’s not about the size of your spaceship, but the power of your Pages.

Angeliki Patsiavou

Microsoft MVP | Speaker | Blogger

London, United Kingdom


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