I want it all and I want it now - Taming the dragons of Power Platform

By day Power Platform is a place where creativity is unleashed, problems are solved, and heroes are made…
But by night it can be a scary place where dragons attack unprotected data, they carry off our excitement, and burn our apps and flows to the ground!
This isn’t how it has to be though. Our Admins Protect the city with their shield of governance and give our Citizen Devs the flexibility and permissions they need to showcase their skills, solve problems, and slay their dragons and become the heroes.

To do this we need to have an honest conversation about the challenges we face, the fires we often put out and what matters to each group; creating a collaborative Power Platform team that champions real user needs in a sustainable manner. It all starts with seeing the perspectives of all communities involved, separating myths from the truths and finding how we make governance more accessible.

We don’t have to kill governance; there is another way. In this session, you will learn how to debunk misconceptions about Power Platform governance, align with your organization' s vision, culture, and goals and educate your community to foster a culture of trusted innovation and responsibility for end user needs whilst monitoring with the latest tools that drive seamless dragon coexistence.

Angeliki Patsiavou

Microsoft MVP | Speaker | Blogger

London, United Kingdom


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