The World Economics of AI: New World Order and Opportunities

Higher, further, faster. The whirlwind impact of AI is undeniable; Products are evolving at lightning speed, new skillsets are opening up and IT operating models are being reimagined in this new era. Despite the exciting advancements with ChatGPT, Llama 2 or Gemini 1.5 among others, the impact on World Economics is still not clear for many.

We all have a great responsibility to understand why generative AI can shift financial models, has the potential to create new currency opportunities and what it means for our environmental impact.

If you were curious about all these topics but do not know where to start, this is the session for you. We will also cover how you can harness this new knowledge to create new personal development pathways, empower your teams as a leader but also to reignite customer satisfaction.

Instead of counting how many Copilot or similar AI-assisted products out there: Be a pilot with a mission, not at the mercy of a Copilot without one.

Angeliki Patsiavou

Microsoft MVP | Speaker | Blogger

London, United Kingdom


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