Welcome to the AI jungle: From tech to human empowerment

With the fast-paced advancements of GenAI tools, we've been thrown into a Jumanji-like game of seemingly infinite power. We're all wondering if we'll end up stuck in a digital wilderness of Copilot announcements without identity as individuals, and without intention in the applications we design. Now, Copilot and GenAI tools might sound like NPCs in a video game, but let's face it – there's more skepticism here than when someone rolls a questionable dice. Are we unlocking the next level, or are we about to get caught in a glitch?

Instead of risking a Jumanji-style chaos with tech implementations gone wild, let's focus on human empowerment. It's time to roll the dice of innovation with intention, navigating this AI jungle without getting stuck in quicksand. Authentic leadership, reframing doubts and forging a new identity in the modern workplace are essential ingredients.

In this session, we will be decoding user needs with the help of social sciences. We'll uncover the key pillars to bridge the gap between business vision and users when implementing AI solutions. We will also look at how a strong employee value proposition can help us forge a collective identity to inspire professional growth. It's not just about survival; it's about reigning in the tech chaos.

Angeliki Patsiavou

Microsoft MVP | Speaker | Blogger

London, United Kingdom


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