Who you gonna call: How Change Managers fight for the human impact of technology

Have you noticed how change is the only constant? This applies to all sorts of changes, including in technology. Whilst those are rising exponentially, not everyone is ready to adopt them in their daily life. This natural resistance can stall exciting business innovation and transformation, which is a missed opportunity.
So, as a technical expert, who you gonna call?

The answer is simple: Change Managers. We are people who champion users and their experience. By using simple language, personalized adoption strategies and strong influencing skills, we get users excited about digital transformation. Not only do Change Managers like myself connect them to the business vision, but empower them in their own journey.

Does that sound fascinating? Are you passionate about making a difference and a genuine human impact? Join this session to find out more about how I started in Change Management, my tech journey and how you can find your own path in this area too.

Angeliki Patsiavou

Microsoft MVP | Speaker | Blogger

London, United Kingdom

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