Panel: Empowering the community to more rapidly execute Drupal’s strategic goals

Drupal’s strategic goals aim to increase adoption and enable the community. But, are there opportunities to better enable the community to execute?

The goal of this panel is to discuss how we can enable the full potential of our large community.

As a community we have faced several challenges, such as:
- Drupal still accounts for a very small perc of the total CMS market
- The adoption of newer versions have been slower than earlier ones
- Maintaining earlier versions pulls community members from investing in new versions but risks adopters on earlier versions
- The number of modules that are available for newer versions is steadily going down
- The inflow of new developers coming into the community has slowed down
- The number and scale of events and local communities have been flat

This will be a facilitated panel that poses qns to spur ideas from the community:

- How can we help broaden the adoption of Drupal?
- How do we identify and enable experts who can support this larger pool of users?
- How do we drive more contributions back into the community?
- How do we organize ourselves better as a community?
- Are there tools, practices, or processes we should learn from other projects/communities?
- Are we properly enabling and lowering barriers for new contributors?

Facilitators will use a “start, stop, continue” format with the qns posed while moderating brainstorming. We aim to harness feedback to create new community-led initiatives and recruit participants.

Anoop John

Founder and CTO at Zyxware, Passionate FOSS Contributor

Herndon, Virginia, United States

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